What is the Story Center?

The Story Center, a Mid-Continent Public Library program that offers resources and support for storytellers of all mediums, needs your help to renovate its future home — the historic home at Woodneath. LEARN MORE

How much money do we need to raise?

This large undertaking, which includes restoring and preserving the historical integrity of the structure, will cost more than $3 million to complete. Part of those funds were raised by the bond levy that was passed in 2016. To complete the project, the Library needs your help! We’re launching a new public fundraising campaign to support interior and exterior structural upgrades, which will total $300,000.

Do you need my contribution now?

The outside renovation on the house has already begun, but we are still in need of contributions to help renovate the inside of the home. Help restore this iconic building as the new home for The Story Center.  Act now.

The voters of Clay, Jackson, and Platte Counties approved levy increase for MCPL in 2016. Why is private funding needed for this project?

Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL) looks to the private community to support a small portion of the Woodneath

Project for two reasons:

1) The Woodneath property was purchased because of its ideal location to serve the fastest growing area of Kansas City. MCPL has funded the construction of the Woodneath Branch Library and will fund the plan for the grounds. The historic renovation costs represent 13% of the total cost. In effort to be the best stewards of tax payer dollars possible, the MCPL Board agreed to reach out to the community to support the renovation of the historic home.

2) The National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge grant was awarded to MCPL in order to generate new dollars to the project and help build relationships with donors. Funds acquired through the levy are not eligible to match the $300,000 Challenge Grant. In order to meet the NEH match, MCPL must raise $900,000 in new donations by July 31, 2018.

When will the historic home be completed?

Work has begun on the historic home at Woodneath. The exterior renovation is expected to be complete by Fall of2018. Interior renovation will be contingent on fundraising progress.

How will the historic home be supported in the future?

MCPL will include all costs related to maintenance and ongoing operations of the historic home in its budgets.

How can I help?

Make a pledge or donation online today!

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We need your support to help make the Story Center’s new home a reality. 
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